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Karina Lynne Koch wants nothing more than to see everyone living their BEST life possible. She is here to advise and guide those looking to invest in their future through commercial real estate. Whether it's a four-plex or a commercial center, I'm here to help you find the property that works for you!

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I am new to the Commercial Real Estate world, having earned my license in 2021. I am in the field to help others secure their futures by investing in commercial real estate. I have a strong desire to help emerging investors get into the Southern Nevada Real Estate Market.

Being a single mother of 4, I feel the need to give back and share with those interested in investing. I spend my time educating myself through various platforms, programs, and news, in order to keep up with what’s going on in the market around us. While still enjoying what this AMAZING valley has to offer its residents.

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Updated: 6/11/22

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*Please Note: The first consultation is free and depending on the needs of the client compensation will be discussed once there is a mutual agreement of both parties to work together.


Common questions about commercial real estate

#1. Commercial Real Estate deals take longer to close. Instead of 30-45 days it could take up to several months or more depending on the complexity of the deal. 

#2. Due Diligence is EXTREMELY important, so a buyer can discover as much as possible prior to the purchase.

Gross Lease (Full Service Lease)- This lease USUALLY covers most of the costs associated with the property, with the exception of internet and phone service.

Net Leases- These leases usually include parts of the operating costs associated with the property, for example property tax, garage service, maintenance fees, etc. *There are at least four types of net leases, please do your research before agreeing to any one of these.

Modified Gross Lease- This is where the tenant pays a base rate along with other associated costs pertaining to the property. More typical in office leasing.

TI’s are improvements requested by the leasee, made to the property, that generally require permits, plans, and construction. As for who pays for them, it varies from lease to lease, and owner to owner. Usually it is the tenant, but it can be negotiated, sometimes if the owner is unwilling to pitch in. You can request rent concessions (free rent) in replacement.

Depending on the asset type, you agent will determine which approach is the right method for determining your property value. They may choose from sales comparison, income approach, or cost approach or they may use more than one. Please check with your agent on which approach would be the best way to determine your property value!

Please feel free to message me about any additional CRE questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!


Life Needs Assistance

Sometimes I miss the days of being a fearless little 5-year-old playing in the backyard catching frogs, spiders, and lizards without a care in the world.

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As you embark each day on your new path keep in mind there are others out there with you even if you don't know who we all are.

My 411 Project

t's time for page four of my 411 project. On this page I went more in-depth on some questions about exactly who, what, when, where, and why?

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